Web Applications

The dynamic extension of an application or web server is called as a web application. The client-server architecture is the foundation for most web applications where the client enters information while the server stores and retrieves them. The example for this is the Internet mail system, with some reputed companies offering web-based email clients like the Yahoo and MSN.

As technology pushes for the best through web applications it seems to cross the line into those territories of application where it doesn’t need a server to store information. Web applications provide the functionality of this grade and gain the extra edge of working across multiple platforms. For instance, a web application can don the gloves of a word processor that can allow you to 'download' the document onto your personal hard drive and also to store information.

Web Design Qatar’s Web application development team comprises of specialized programmers, who have tremendous expertise in coding for the creation of web pages including the languages such as ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, CSS, XML, Flash, HTML and many others in line with this. Each of the languages has its own clearly defined functionality and creates variety of results pertaining to the application that is inculcated. Web Design Qatar’s programmers are proficient enough to deliver the best with various resources under their belt. We are absolutely specific about each and every web application development, depending upon the needs of the Web pages involved.